Gal Lyrics – Ohayo & Shake Pepper

Gal Lyrics is sung by Ohayo & Shake Pepper. Gal Lyrics is written by Ohayo & Shake Pepper. The name of the song is Gal.

Song Details

Song Title Gal
Singer Ohayo & Shake Pepper
Songwriter Ohayo & Shake Pepper


Gal Lyrics

Gal is so cute
I wanna play
I want a cute girl
Gal I like to drink
Shake your bo^^y
Oh yeah buri buri

I gotta go
A cute girl let’s pick her up
Get it a^^hole
Cute little girl a treasure
It’s a type that shines brighter than cherry

I need a^^h^le
Than a p^^^y
Cute kari is too erotic with your n^^e
Your face (type)
like paper wall at my home
That’s kind of flexing yeah



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