Overdose Lyrics – Finesse2Tymes

Overdose Lyrics is sung by Finesse2Tymes. Overdose Lyrics is written by Finesse2Tymes & ProdByRTB. The name of the song is Overdose.

Song Details

Song Title Overdose
Singer Finesse2Tymes
Songwriter Finesse2Tymes & ProdByRTB


Overdose Lyrics

(This beat ProdByRTB)
Let me get this (Okay)

‘Za got me talkin’ slurred (Slurred)
Park the Wraith on the curb (Skrrt)
Make sure one in the head
Secure me while I count this bread (Bread)
Watch for cops, watch for opps (On point)
Do the show, shake the spot (The spot)
Met some thots in the lot
We finna turn this up a notch
All she wanna do is pop a Perc’ and get her pussy beat
Take this dick, bitch, stop pushin’ me
Face in the pillow, bitch, don’t look at me
Woke up talkin’ ’bout she gon’ cook for me
Get outta here, I’m straight on that (Go that way)
I’m a pimp, you late on that (You late)
Text me, say she love me
Text her back, bitch, I don’t play like that
I blocked the bitch (Block)
Hit this ho from Memphis, she an oppin’ bitch (She oppin’)
I hit her with my Glock and shit
And dropped the bitch, you lost the bitch
Go that-a-way (That way), I’m on to another state (I’m gone)
I eat like a boss, but I feed groupie bitches Steak ‘n Shake (Steak ‘n Shake)
I smoke Runtz to wake and bake (To wake and bake)
Ooh, Anna Mae, ate the cake (Ugh)
Told her we gon’ be together, that stupid bitch ate the bait
She went for that, I broke the bitch (Broke the bitch)
Told that bitch to sock it to my pocket, then revoked the bitch (Gone)
All I wanna do is get some head and blow some smoke to this (Smoke to this)
Hopefully she don’t get attached to me emotionally (‘Motionally)
She suck me on camera so good I damn near posted it
I’m jokin’, though (Jokin’, though), I better not expose a ho (Expose the ho)
Told me pull up when I want, you already know the lo’ (Know)
You know the score (Know), you know I’m dope
Told her if she take too much of me, then she might overdose like—

Take this dick, bitch, stop pushin’ me
Take this dick, bitch, stop pushin’ me
Take this dick, bitch, stop pushin’ me
Woke up talkin’ ’bout she gon’ cook for me, go that way



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