Sugar & Brownies Lyrics – Dharia

Sugar & Brownies Lyrics is Sung by Dharia. Sugar & Brownies Lyrics is written by Cristian Nicolae Tarcea.

Song Details

Song Title Sugar & Brownies
Singer Dharia
Songwriter Cristian Nicolae Tarcea / Iarina Elena Comanescu / Daria Nicoleta Comanescu
Album Sugar & Brownies
Label Thrace Music


Sugar & Brownies Lyrics

Some keep a diary, seems like a fantasy
But it may require some love and desire, it’s something to cover me
There’s never a guarantee that loving is so easy
Some may define it as sugar & brownies, but sour just as lime is

Ooh no no, ooh no no no no
No, no, no

Sun of the ocean breeze, somewhere you promised me
A love like a fire, no fears, no denial, just something to gladden me
I feel electricity, your lightning is guidin’ me
I feel that I like it, no place we can hide it, so hard not to find it

Ooh no no, ooh no no no no
No, no, no

The reason why we don’t give up on our love is simple
We’re like the sun and moon, we like to see each other shinin’ bright
We have tonight, tomorrow and the other days that follow
We have to try to make things right, I’ll sing to you like

Ooh no no, ooh no no no no
No, no, no

The reason, the reason, the reason why



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