The AR Got Breast Cancer I Felt The Lump In It Lyrics – TikTok Song

The AR Got Breast Cancer I Felt The Lump In It Lyrics is sung by ShakeBack Gang. The AR Got Breast Cancer I Felt The Lump In It Lyrics is written by ShakeBack Gang & Rio Da Yung OG. The name of the song is Heavy Rotation.

Song Details

Song Title Heavy Rotation
Singer ShakeBack Gang
songwriter ShakeBack Gang & Rio Da Yung OG


The AR Got Breast Cancer I Felt The Lump In It Lyrics

Yeah, you know, spaz out, you know, huh
Yeah, yeah, slow down

[Verse 1]
I just did 3 months, i laid down, now i’m back
I just did a turn around, and i ain’t break a sweat
They hating on a youngin’, fuck them niggas, this ain’t that
ShakeBack four times, pussy nigga this where it’s at
It’s ShakeBack Gang pussy nigga yeah it’s that
And free my nigga Perky, ’til they let my nigga back
I got some pure drywall but i sell it like it’s crack
And all that rappin’, like you steppin’, like you wit’ it, you get whacked

[Verse 2: Rio Da Yung OG]
Ayy, I’m wit’ my young niggas
You wanna come record with Rio bring a gun with you
My lil’ niggas 16, but the drum 50
I’m drinking red, but the bitch i’m wit’ a cum sipper

[Verse 3]
Ayy, bitch, I’m tryna catch a body
Give me a .38, and two Glocks, kill everybody
Ayy, see i’ve been fuckin’ since a young nigga
Youngest nigga ever made his teacher cum nigga

[Verse 4: Rio Da Yung OG]
I never rode the short bus, but i’m a dumb nigga
The AR got breast cancer, I felt the lump in it
I broke a Russian Cream down, and put some runts in it
Then drunk a 6 of red raw, can’t feel my tongue nigga

[Verse 5]
I walked in with big K and put a drum in it
Put my dick up in her stomach feel the lump in it
Don’t stunt with bro straps, it’s not really your guns nigga
Don’t stunt with bro racks, it’s not really your funds nigga

[Verse 6: Rio Da Yung OG]
Ain’t shit sweet, but the Glock got honeybun in it
Shoot him in his leg with a K, make him run different
Boy that pop light as well, you dropped a one in it
I’m finna drink a pint of wocky with my young niggas

[Verse 7]
You sound dumb nigga [?]
Ain’t ducking how shit i keep a gun nigga
Took a nigga bitch to work she got the tall looking
Then your ass picked it up and got the tall kids
Pour punch in the nose, leave a nigga knocked out
This 40 on me pull it out, then you get popped now
I call my nigga Bally up, it ain’t no talking now
Spaz pulling up with the stick, you getting hawked down
Niggas hating on the young i’m only six-teen
My name ring bells, and i ain’t even six feet
Nigga pussies out here acting if you ask me
Fuck around and leave a pussy on a backstreet
Bullet got a nigga jumping like a athlete
I’m in a sleeve, i won’t let these niggas catch me
I came swerving with a mac tryna tax him
I drive myself, you won’t catch me in no taxis

[Verse 8: Rio Da Yung OG]
Kill him in the studio, i don’t rap beef
Leave a nigga body wrapped, like some packed meat
Still ‘ill beat a nigga ass if he packing heat
I sold a half a spliff, and they just cut the trap beat



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