2 Days Into College Lyrics – Aimee Carty

2 Days Into College Lyrics is Sung by Aimee Carty. 2 Days Into College Lyrics is written by Aimee Carty.

Song Details

Song Name 2 Days Into College
Singer Aimee Carty
Album 2 Days Into College
Songwriter Aimee Carty
Label Aimee Carty


2 Days Into College Lyrics

I’m two days into college, and I’m three lectures behind
There’s this guy, let’s name him Colin, he says he wants to be mine
But it doesn’t really sit with me quite right ’cause he doesn’t really like the things I like
And I keep accidentally locking myself out of my dorm in the middle of the night
I wake up kinda wired, and I wake up kinda cold
And I wake up kinda tired, but I’ll just sleep in when I’m old
See, I don’t like breaking rules, but don’t like doing as I’m told
So, I just float around and keep my head down and hope my life unfolds

And еverybody’s telling me that I’m doin’ so wеll
I try to trust them, honestly, I find it hard to tell
If I need work, or I need rest
I try my best to try my best
I tell myself, I say out loud
“It’s fine, I’ll figure it all out”
I tend to forget, I’m still only quite young
In a way this life of mine has only just begun

I’ve got time
I’ve got time

I’m two days into college with a busy, busy mind
That guy that we named Colin, he’s so handsome, he’s so kind
My friends tell me I’m crazy, say I take it way too far
‘Cause I told him that it’s over ’cause he doesn’t play guitar
I’m only two days into college, and my bedroom is a mess
There’s just so much that I want to do that I have not done yet
There’s just so much that I want to say and far too little breath
Oh, my mind, it runs so far away, it’s easy to forget

That to everybody else, it looks like I’m doin’ so well
I try to see it, honestly, I find it hard to tell
If I’ve done wrong, or I’ve done right
I need a good night’s sleep tonight
They said, “Go out,” I said, “Alright”
I think I won’t, I maybe might
I prob’ly should just take it slow
I’ll be all good, but, God, I know

The one thing that’s important above everything else
Is to learn not to put all this heavy pressure on myself
I try believe it when I say
“If it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen anyway
I’ll be fine”
I’ve got time
I’ve got time
That’s where I’m at, to be honest
Just two days
Two days into college


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