Anything Lyrics – Adrianne Lenker

Anything Lyrics is sung by Adrianne Lenker and written by Adrianne Lenker. The name of the song is ​anything. Song Details Song Title anything Singer Adrianne Lenker Songwriter Adrianne Lenker START Anything Lyrics Staring down the barrel of the hot sunShining with the sheen of a shotgun (shotgun)Carol has a little if we need someJoa … Read more

6:45 Lyrics – Naïka

6:45 Lyrics are sung by Naïka and written by Sam Poete & Naïka. The name of the song is 6:45. Song Details Song Title 6:45 Singer Naïka Songwriter Sam Poete & Naïka START 6:45 Lyrics Ooh-oh-oh-oh, nah-nah-no-no I thought I told youThis in between it don’t work good for meDon’t say you catch me cuz … Read more