He Set Her Off Lyrics – Emily Ann Roberts

He Set Her Off Lyrics is sung by Emily Ann Roberts. He Set Her Off Lyrics is written by Emily Ann Roberts. The name of the song is He Set Her Off.

Song Details

Song Title He Set Her Off.
Singer Emily Ann Roberts
songwriter Emily Ann Roberts


He Set Her Off Lyrics

Lyrics From Snippet:

She Was the Last One in This Town
We Would’ve Thought Would Snap
Guess He Finally Found the Straw
That Broke the Camels Back

Now She’s Lighting Camels
And Sipping Chardonnay
She’s Dressed Up to the Nine’s
And All the Cop Are on Their Way

She Reapplies Her Lipstick
Lights Are Flashing Red and Blue
They Ask Her Why She Did It
She Said Honey You Would Too

Lord Help the Man
Who Don’t Know How Strong
A Woman Can Be When
Somebody Does Her Wrong

He Lit That Fuse in Her
Bed With That Blonde
Now the House is Up in Flames
His Clothes Are on the Lawn
Thought She Was Fragile Like a Flower
But She’s Fragile Like a Bomb
Yeah He Set Her Off



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