Its Getting Too Loud Song Lyrics – TikTok Song

Its Getting Too Loud Song Lyrics is sung by Louie Ray. Its Getting Too Loud Song Lyrics is written by Louie Ray. The name of the song is Cash App.

Song Details

Song Title Cash App
Singer Louie Ray
Songwriter Louie Ray


Its Getting Too Loud Song Lyrics

I use my cash app card when I cash her out
Big bag in the back seat when I’m bagging out
Shoot her 250 over cash app then I ask her out
bi^^h be down to ride well but don’t ask her out

The head she hit me with was so fire I done passed the house (damn)
On this account 7,500 maxed me out
I’m so fresh today I feel like she should ask me out (yeah)
He said who the f^^k you in there laying with, she dragged me out

And then beforе he got tough I blew a knee out
I’m highly known for beating thе pu^^y down I don’t eat out
I had to drop her off in the morning she only wore a tee out
I wan’t you comfortable but this a benz put yo feet down

Matter fact lean back let yo seat down
I wan’t you to come off the top bi^^h freestyle
She started sucking d^^k at 1 its 3 now
This bi^^h squirt so much to the point I think it’s pee now

f^^k! I done f^^ked up the work I left a pie out
The hood hotter so I’m still walking round with that fan out
Ok you say you ran through 20 racks, pull a band out
I was at the atm until it ran out

I heard they barley touched dog but he ran out
That bi^^h I used to couldn’t f^^k I get her ran now
I use cash app money ain’t coming out my pa^^s (whistles)
She like to f^^k on balcony’s when its gloomy out




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