Smack A Bitch Lyrics – Rico Nasty

Smack A Bitch Lyrics is sung by Rico Nasty. Smack A Bitch Lyrics is written by Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats. The name of the song is Smack A Bitch.

Song Details

Song Title Smack A Bitch
Singer Rico Nasty
Songwriter Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats


Smack A Bitch Lyrics

Sugar Trap

(Rule number 1)
Don’t worry about a bitch who never been in your place
Always move in silence, never question your fate
(Rule number 2)
Always check in on your niggas, gotta make sure they straight
If I’m getting money, then you know we all got a plate
Since a baby in her tummy, mama knew I was great
They can’t play me like a dummy, they know what not to take
Fuck these niggas, cause the money only thing I’ma chase
Time is precious, that’s the only thing I try not to waste
She hatin’ ’cause I’m up, you can tell on her face
I been eating so much, I’ve been saying my grace
When the times was rough, I would look up and pray
Thank God I ain’t have to smack a bitch today
(Oh my fucking god)

Smack a bitch today
Thank God I ain’t have to smack
Smack a bitch today
Thank God I ain’t have to smack a bitch today
Yeah, whoa

Run up OG when I’m smoking my jay (Yeah!)
New car too fast so i’m winning the race (Ha ha!)
Blast off fast car cool breeze in your face (Whoa!)
Don’t hate on me bitch stay in your place (Lame)
“You rap about an Audi too much” (Shut the fuck up)
Because my Audi paid off bitch, hush! (Shut the fuck up)
Why she be yelling so much?
If i see you in the street,
Bitch your ass in done!
I don’t need your opinion (I don’t need it)
Do what I fucking want (Do what I fucking want)
You such a fucking chump (You such a fucking chump)
Pockets are swoll’ lump sum (Damn!)
Bitch you a fucking bum (You a fucking bum!)
See your ass is done (Your ass is done)

Thank god I ain’t–
Thank god I ain’t have to smack a bitch today
Catch a case
Punch that bitch right in her face

Sugar trap!



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