Touch Down To Cause Hell Song Lyrics – TikTok Song

Touch Down To Cause Hell Song Lyrics Sung by Kingdanzz. Touch Down To Cause Hell Song Lyrics is written by Kingdanzz. this music composed by London on da Track, Mouse On tha Track.

Song Details

Song Touchdown To Cause Hell
Singer Kingdanzz
Songwriter Kingdanzz
Composer Kingdanzz
Music Label Kingdanzz


Touchdown To Cause Hell Lyrics

It’s a remix and I’m coming with that
Bow bow bow!

Pretty b^^ch I’m trynna hit her with that
Bow bow bow!

Can’t catch me slipping ima up it when I
Bow bow bow!

And b^^ch it’s danzz
I throw them bands
And make em’ dance n^^ga

I said hold up
Tmann they want the smoke
I’m the type a ngg drop the off in they monna throat
Spittin bars like it’s venom I’m praying y’all got the anti dots
Spinning on evry block have they family hitting soprano notes
I eat the beat like I’m a animal
Yo get on her knees and eat this meat like she a cannibal
Round with the king I put buku her camel toe
I heard her mouth the truth bt the wet has cantaloupe
I spin tha block den spin again
My glock done took a the hang out
We wet em up till they drop and watch all the bodies descent

Baow, baow, baow
(bang, bang) baow, baow
(ay, nah-nah-nah-nah) baow, baow, baow, baow

Ayy, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(lil’ trebble made the beat, he only had to play it once)



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